Spoonflower Fabric Love

I’m sure everyone has heard about Spoonflower, right? Well, I first used it to create my own pug fabric, drawing my two pugs Busta and Bella into a retro pop-art design. Since then, I have come up with a number of designs to sell, so whenever I remember to check back I’ve usually earned enough money to fund my fabric addiction.

Recently I took inspiration from my Pinterest Clothing Inspiration board to come up with the design below.



The best part about making your own fabric is that you get an instant creators discount, you can create something that’s unique and perfect for you, it can be from an outfit you love but want to create in a different pattern, plus you can then sell it to make money.

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Personalised Embroidered Gifts

Description: Personalised gifts to celebrate a friends engagement.
Material: Flannelette for the Dogs Coat 
Pattern: Echidna Sewing Dog Coat

I created this gift as something a little extra for a friends engagement present. It’s basically personalised bath/lounge wear for the whole family, including two dressing robes and a dog jacket.

The two embroidery designs included a four leaf clover from Ultimate Stash (since he’s Irish) and a monkey with a syringe from Etsy (since she’s a nurse). I found that the registration on the monkey embroidery design wasn’t that great and probably needed a bit of work to fix the density and pull compensation.

I ended up hooping the robe in the hoop, rather than floating the fabric and baste stitching it down. Mostly because the robe material wasn’t very thick and it was just easier to line it up. Here are the results…

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