USA Holiday and Sewing Inspiration

In 2015 I went to the USA, which seems like a lifetime ago now! The best part about the whole trip was getting to sew and create outfits for the events that I’d been so excited to get to. Also, meeting up with Ping from Peneloping and Emily from Dressing the Role in San Francisco.


Los Angeles

The first stop was LA, where you basically just did all the touristy things and saw all of the main attractions including the Hollywood sign, Santa Monica Pier, Hollywood Boulevard, the Griffith Observatory and much more.

Las Vegas Baby

Second stop was Las Vegas, where I went to Electric Daisy Carnival (a three day music concert at the Las Vegas Speedway) with some of the biggest DJs from around the world. I had been researching the festival and wanted to go as something really bright and fun, so I made my own outfit with the Lekala Dress pattern. This also inspired me to create my first Spoonflower floral fabrics.

Electric Daisy Carnival

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Sewing on Buttons

I used to think sewing buttons on, especially for work shirts would be tedious and painful. However, after creating a number of work shirts I soon discovered some really useful tips and tricks for getting them done quickly.

Mark your button holes

Mark with pins or an erasable pen where you want your button holes to go. For a work shirt I measured 2 inches apart but each garment will be different so just follow your pattern instructions. Attach your buttonhole foot, which comes with your machine. Pull down the buttonhole lever and select your buttonhole setting.


Download your user manual

If your machine is like mine and doesn’t display the buttonhole settings on the front of your machine, you can simply download the user manual from the manufacturer website, such as Brother Australia. This is a really great way to store your user manual.


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