Crafsty Boxie Pouch Make-up Bags

Description: SoChick’s “No Guts Boxie Pouch” is the perfect size travel, accessory or make-up bag.
Material: Cotton Blends
Pattern: Free Craftsy No Guts Boxie Pouch


These bags would have to be my favourite travel, accessory or make-up bags due to the size and shape of them. They fit so much inside without being too large or bulky.

You can also make them with any type of material. I find they best work with 1 layer of interfacing attached to the lining. For a waterproof makeup or travel bag you could also use a plastic lining.


They feature two tabs on either side of the zipper if you want to put an attachment ring to them.


For only a few dollars each bag, these are the perfect gift or accessory for your travel needs! Plus, the pattern is free on Crafsty and take very little time and effort to make.

Happy Sewing! Erin

One thought on “Crafsty Boxie Pouch Make-up Bags

  1. They are very cute! I love the leaf fabric of the one on the right!
    These little boxes are so adorable but for whatever reason the thought of making on scares me… they have all of my least favorite things: corners and zippers!


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