BurdaStyle Wool Boucle Jacket

I stuck to my sewing goal and created a second jacket from my Top 5 Jackets to make this winter. This was another BurdaStyle jacket made with some beautiful brown checked wool fabric for the outside and a plain light brown wool for the lining, both from Spotlight. This is also the fabric combination I used to create my long Wool Parka Jacket.

Description: Oversized and rounded collar flatters the decolleté and shoulders, while patch pockets and a double row of silver buttons are refined finishing details.
Pattern: BurdaStyle Boucle Jacket 114 02/19
Fabric: Wool from Spotlight

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BurdaStyle Wool Parker Jacket

This is the first time I’ve purchased wool and made a large warm, winter jacket! This wool jacket by BurdaStyle is the perfect Parka Jacket and it’s soooo warm. Almost too warm to wear for our Brisbane winters but hey, it might be great for travelling!

Description: This variegated wool jacket can function as a cozy cardigan or as a jacket for days that aren’t so cold.
Pattern: Wool Jacket101 |Burda Style 01/20
Fabric: Wool fabric and lining from Spotlight

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10 Tips on health and well-being at home

This year has been a really strange one for us all. In the first few weeks I thought I hit the jackpot working from home and being able to pump out a number of cute sewn outfits. Plus, my relationship is still within the first year, so staying in wasn’t a big deal for us. However, because I was home so often I started snacking, not even realising that I was starting to put on weight.

The third month in I completely stopped sewing, had to deal with my current rental selling (due to the owners unfortunately losing their jobs) and looking for a new place to live. This was a good kick up the butt for me because I’ve been wanting to purchase my own property for a few years now. I started to look around and within a month made an offer on a townhouse. Then like clockwork, my house mate moved out and my boyfriend moved in. He didn’t even bother unpacking though because I settle on the new place in another weeks’ time. However, the stress levels went from 0 – 10 really fast and I started to notice that I was becoming more irritable and upset at the smallest things. I really had to take a step back and find ways to readjust and focus. And I’m thankful I did because I’m much happier now!

The one thing I’ve realised is how important it is to have routine in our daily lives. My work is also saying that we could be working from home for the remainder of the year! So here are my tips to stay sane during covid and improve on your health and well-being while being stuck at home.

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