Hi! My name is Erin. I live in the beautiful Sunshine State – Queensland, Australia and have been sewing for a few years now. In the past I’ve made mostly dresses, shirts and some skirts (the basics really) so I would call myself an intermediate sewer. It’s a bit harder going outside that box living in QLD with the heat and humidity 90% off the year.

If you follow my blog I hope to provide you with ideas and inspiration on patterns, list my success or failures, post ideas for future projects and like always… you can be sure if I like a pattern I’ll create it a number of times!

The past four years has been a real exciting time of my life. I became single after being in a relationship for most of my 20s. I changed careers and found a role that I love, working in the digital space. I’ve travelled, went on sailing adventures and met some incredible people, who are now my life-long friends. I’ve learnt so much about life and I’m honestly so grateful for where I am now.

And… last of all, I’ve met someone I absolutely adore! So I’m complete with my two little pug furbabies!

So from all of this, I wasn’t been able to put up as many blog posts as I wanted but I’m super excited to keep growing my hobby and expand my new little handmade Etsy shop – Honey Love Handmade!

So welcome to my blog! I hope you find it helpful if you’re learning to sew or simply looking for your next project! Also, feel free to comment or ask me anything at all! I love hearing from you.

Erin xx

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