Charity Sewing – Doggy Bag Key Ring Holders

During the week I created my first charity project for the year, creating 10 x Doggy Bag Key Ring Holders and added the poo bags to give to the Animal Welfare League Queensland.

I wanted this to be something other people could get involved with but since I made the pattern up myself I created this a PDF download. If you’re interested, you can find it on my Etsy shop – Honey Love Handmade. The pattern also comes with the Lipstick Holder design and instructions.

2020 Sewing Goals

What are you sewing goals for this year? I had a look through my blog last year and came up with a few sewing goals of my own.

1. Handmade Etsy Markets

I started my very own handmade Etsy store last year called Honey Love Handmade. It worked out well being encouraged by my best friend and beauty blogger Katie’s Cosmopolitan. This year I want to make a few more different types of products and be able to get to the markets. Even if I don’t sell everything immediately it’s been such a great experience and I’m making small sales here and there which I really didn’t expect. I’m also chatting to lots of kind, supportive beauty bloggers on my Honey Love Handmade Instagram.

2 Make a few girly dresses

Last year I found my clothing style changed and I’m totally obsessed with long, flowing, girly dresses. I bought a few patterns last year that I would love to test out and see if they fit. Here are a few of my test and try patterns… let’s see if I can get around to making them!


Butterick B6554


Butterick B6451

3 Charity Donations

It’s been a super upsetting start to the new year with the tragic bush fires which are decimating the Australian wildlife population. I’m going to try and donate once a month to a charity in need to help out our animals. Why only animals you ask? Well, my mum is now retired so she follows the Echidna Sewalong, which finds a new charity each month so between us we are covering a number of worthy causes.


Dropping off the Dog Coat donations to the Animal Welfare League – Gold Coast

4 Test out more of my sewing patterns

I’m not in a rush to make a lot of clothing this year but one aim would be to test out a few more of my sewing patterns that I have in my stash and make them well. If I can aim to find and make one perfect fit style of clothing in a skirt, shirt, dress and shorts I will be super happy. I might even have a clean out and get rid of those patterns that don’t fit my body shape. That might even leave some room for some of those adorable Butterick patterns coming out!


That’s probably a good start considering I’ve already got so much planned for this year including starting a new job in January! Bring on 2020!

What’s your top 4 sewing goals for this year?

Erin xx



Australian Bush Fires – How to Help

Everyone has seen the devastating fires that are tearing through parts of Australia destroying homes, lives and millions of animals. We are being confronted with upsetting and sad news on a daily basis from TV, social media and even just looking outside to see the haze of smoke drifting into parts of Australia that aren’t even close to the fires.

They have said the best thing to do is to donate money to any of the main charities including NSW Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Services (WIRES), Port Macquarie Koala Hospital, WWF, The Salvation Army, Australian Red Cross, Vinnies, Celeste Barber Facebook Fundraiser, NSW Rural Fire Service or the VIC Country Fire Association.

However, if you want to get crafty and make something that will help the animals that are now in care suffering burns, injuries or displaced from the fires then check out the Animal Rescue Craft Guild Facebook page. They are taking a range of donations showing which products are in vital need and what products they don’t need. They also include tutorials and shipping information on where to send them to. They are asking to make things from your fabric stash or try to choose second hand or recycled materials to be eco friendly.

My mum and I made over 50 mittens which were sent to NSW Koala’s in Care last December but the fires have only got worse over the Christmas period. It’s so great to see sewing bloggers and facebook groups getting involved and donating whatever they can.

I’m not going to add more confronting imagery to upset you but these are the amazing little creatures that make up so much of what is great about Australia. We don’t want to lose them, so please help us if you can!

Lots of love Erin xx

Madeline Dress – Toddler Dress

It’s pretty amazing that you can google whatever type of sewing pattern you want these days and find some gorgeous free designs. This Madeline Dress from Sewing Rabbit is such a cute little design and easy to find and download. My friends little girl just loves dresses that she can twirl in, so I figured with the large gathered skirt this dress would be perfect.


Sewing Pattern: The Madeline Dress
Fabric: Cotton skirt and Jersey Cotton top
Pattern: Beginner level

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5 Helpful & Inspiring Sewing Books

If you’re crazy about buying sewing patterns then you’ll love learning with these inspiring and helpful sewing books. Here are some of the most adorable books which have really shaped me on my sewing journey.


1. Vogue Sewing

Vogue Sewing is the perfect book for beginner sewers and also an incredible guide for the more advanced. It guides you through the basics of pattern tracing, adjustments, cutting fabric, sewing techniques, machine advice, shaping, finishing and much more. Even after years of sewing I always find this book useful and am continually learning something new.


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Vogue 1236 Work Dress

Hello corporate world! This week I created two new garments to add to my work wardrobe. This little black and white combo is super comfy and perfect for any corporate office. You could even dress it with a large waist belt.


My work is in Brisbane city and is VERY corporate but I seriously love it. Despite them moving our teams up and down the floors every few months, it’s a really cool place to work. They hold some crazy events and last week they gave away free gelato in the foyer. Next fortnight they are having a puppies and piccolo coffee day! Every time an email comes around we all Skype each other, “PUPPIES & PICCOLO!!!”

So yes, being in a fun, corporate office means that I love to dress up and get involved with work events and just enjoy being around some of the most amazing, talented and friendly people.

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